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bakery owner with new premises acquired via a business loan broker from CJG Finance

Business Loan Broker

Helping You Acquire and Expand with
Business Finance

A Commercial Loan Broker You Can Trust

We Help You Find The Best Business Financing Options

The specialist business loan broker at CJG can help you compare commercial loan products from a wide range of lenders and secure finance to achieve your business growth plans. As a business owner we put ourselves in our customers shoes to work with you and support you throughout your business finance journey. We understand each decision is pivotal to the ongoing success of your business and we will be there every step of the way to support with financing options for:

  • Business acquisition or expansion

  • Equipment finance

  • Commercial property finance

  • Cash flow lending

  • Working capital solutions

Working with an experienced commercial loan broker means you get access to years of knowledge and experience. We can help you find the right business finance solution, evaluating the products and lenders that most closely match your needs. Business lending can be complicated and time consuming so it makes sense to get help from an expert so that you can get on with running your business.

A small business loan can be used to fund a range of business development opportunities including business equipment and assets, vehicles or property. But with so many lenders and products on the market, it can be difficult to work out just what you need and make sure you're getting the best deal and a solution that fits your needs. Let us help you do the legwork and you know you've got someone in your corner.


Pairing ambition with capital can produce incredible results. Whether for an established business or a new entrepreneurial venture, an injection of cash into the business can help take a new company to a market and a seasoned business to a new level. 


Business loans help underwrite the dream, venture, idea or expansion plan. By securing this crucial funding, business owners can turn their attention to building their vision for a company's future.

Our clients come from throughout South East Queensland including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast including Noosa and Maroochydore and Toowoomba. So let our expert commercial loan broker help you find the most appropriate finance solution for your needs.

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How Can A Business Loan Help You Grow Your Business?

Expanding a new business idea can be daunting; for some, acquiring ownership of an established business may be ideal. Regardless of the company's stage, loans can help founders and owners drive their business plans forward. Let's take Ryan and Ally as an example. 


Ryan and Ally have big dreams of creating a business legacy. Ryan runs a small marketing startup out of their home, and Ally is making plans to take over a local café. Both are planning to leverage business loans to fund their goal. 


In Ryan's case, he has quickly acquired some regular clients. He can prove that his business is profitable and believes he can grow the company with a dedicated office space and a new machine for the studio.

Ryan may consider seeking a traditional business loan, which will require him to put some of his assets or belongings up as collateral for the loan if he defaults. Alternatively, he may consider an unsecured loan that doesn't require collateral. Sometimes, unsecured loans can incur higher interest because of the higher perceived risk. CJG Finance can help people like Ryan get the right loan to start well. 


Ally hopes to become the new owner of a local café that has been open for several years. She has diligently researched her options, identified the café as a substantial growth opportunity and conducted her research into the business. Ally has similar options to Ryan, but in her case, she needs a rather large loan to cover the purchase cost of the entire company. She can evaluate secured, unsecured, or private lenders to fund her acquisition. Each option has pros and cons; CJG Finance can help people like Ally identify the best lenders, a competitive interest rate for her loan and the most effective business finance solution to help her reach her business goal.

A Commercial Mortgage Broker Can Help You Find The Right Property Finance Solution

When a business reaches the point where it must scale up, purchases of commercial buildings like offices, factories, shops, or even large blocks of land for development can be the next logical step. These purchases may be for owner occupied use or to be held as an investment, creating a passive income stream.


Commercial property finance usually comes with a collateral requirement; lenders expect that a business seeking a sizeable loan will be willing to put up an existing asset as collateral or make a cash contribution. Lenders will often need to evaluate financial history, income, and credit. In some cases, however, a 'lease doc' arrangement can suit a business. Lease Doc arrangements allow property acquisition based on the rental income it generates as a standalone factor. Lease Doc arrangements can be a quick turn-around option for the right situation. 


Commercial property loans usually require up to a 30% deposit against the loan's value; the commercial mortgage broker at CJG Finance can help connect buyers to the lender with the best terms and policies.


Cashflow lending & working capital solutions


Cashflow lending helps business owners secure quick funding for unexpected opportunities or shortfalls. For instance, Ally might have a slow month at the café and need some additional cash to meet payroll that month. Perhaps, instead, Ally is doing well but has the chance to upgrade the coffee machines at the café. Lenders will assess the health of her business cash flows, and with the help of CJG Finance, Ally can obtain the funds needed to address where her business is at the moment. 

Often these loans are unsecured and come with straightforward terms. Ally can usually pay out the loan early without incurring any fees. CJG Finance works with lenders that support their clients and helps to customise a favourable arrangement for business owners. 


Regardless of the journey, Colin at CJG Finance has the experience and connections to help any business get started or continue to grow. Reach out today if you're interested in learning more about business finance loans. 

Why Choose CJG Finance As Your
Commercial Loan Broker?

Professional and efficient

Our business loan broker always strives to deliver great customer service, responding quickly, professionally and efficiently and keeping you informed at all stages of the process, from the initial meeting to settlement and beyond.

More than a business finance broker

We see ourselves as more than just your business finance broker. We take a holistic approach, exploring multiple finance options on your behalf and becoming your expert industry partners.

Industry experts

With years of industry experience and a diverse lending background, we are industry experts working with a range of clients from individual through to large corporate customers.

In your corner

We work for you, not the bank which means we are always in your corner, finding the best rates and loan terms, negotiating great deals, saving you time and money and taking the hassle out of the application process.

Relationship driven

Our business finance broker specialist is relationship driven with the aim of building a long term relationship and becoming one of your trusted advisors, there to support you to achieve your financial goals.

Deliver great results

We strive for the best possible outcomes, meeting required deadlines. Our aim is always to deliver great results for our clients and we're proud to have  5 star customer feedback!

  • What is property development finance?
    Property development finance involves obtaining a loan to cover the costs of acquiring and developing property for residential, commercial or specialised use. Finance can be provided by banks or by private lenders.
  • What types of projects can I finance?
    Lenders can finance the acquisition of land and various construction and building costs. Types of projects always vary but would generally be split into three types; Residential projects (single dwellings, land sub-divisions, unit & townhouse complexes); Commercial projects (industrial, retail & offices); Specialised assets (examples; pubs, clubs, service stations, medical & childcare centres).
  • Will I require pre-sales?
    Not always; some private lenders will not require pre-sales to secure a loan. Loan requirements are unique to each lender; CJG finance can help you find the right fit.
  • What loan terms are available?
    Loan terms are flexible but generally last between 1-2 years. It is in all parties best interest to achieve the fastest possible construction time.
  • What gearing options do I have?
    Gearing options are dependent on the lender(s) that are being considered; CJG finance will be able to connect you with a lender that is willing to work with your initial investment capital.
  • Why should I use CJG Finance for my property development finance?
    CJG Finance is a valuable help to any development project. We utilise our expertise, connections and understanding of the market to connect developers with interested lenders, acquire competitive interest rates and foster healthy business relationships.

Helping You Unlock The Potential For Your Business To Grow and Protecting Your Cash Flow.

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Property Development Project.

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