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Property development loans

Helping You Find The Right Property Development Finance For Your Project

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Unlock the Potential of Your Next Development Project

At CJG Finance, we understand that the right financing can make all the difference to your property development success. Property development finance is a specialised loan intended specifically for property developers, investors, and builders. Whether you are looking to undertake new builds, renovations, or conversions, our tailored loans are designed to fund both residential and commercial property projects.


Property development loans makes it possible to see a vision for a block of land and make it a reality. Whether the property is designed for future residences, industrial tenancies or thriving places of business, lenders can come alongside ambitious plans and provide necessary funds to unlock potential and get projects underway.


Embark on your next property development journey with a partner that is as committed to your project's success as you are. At CJG Finance, we don’t just finance projects; we build lasting relationships to support your growth every step of the way.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your property development ambitions. Let CJG Finance be the foundation on which you build your dreams.


How Can Property Development Finance Be Used?

Lenders can finance the acquisition of land and various construction and building costs:

  1. Land Acquisition: Secure the perfect plot of land for your project with a finance solution that understands the value of potential.

  2. Construction Costs: Cover the bulk of your building expenses as you turn blueprints into reality.

  3. Project Expansion: Depending on your loan terms, utilise flexible financing to scale up existing projects without the cash flow squeeze.

  4. Renovation and Conversion: Transform outdated properties into profitable ventures with targeted funding.

Projects can generally be split into 3 main types:

  • Residential projects This includes single dwellings, land subdivisions, unit & townhouse complexes; generally up to four units on a title.

  • Commercial projects This includes industrial, retail & office developments.

  • Specialised assets Some examples of this include pubs, clubs, service stations, medical & childcare centres.

If you are looking for a home construction loan this is treated slightly differently.

MFAA Excellence Awards State Finalist 2023

Why Choose CJG As Your Property Development Finance Broker?

With years of experience working in the finance industry, we understand the way banks and lenders operate and we aim to make the process of securing home construction finance simple and stress-free.  


With access to a panel of over 30 lenders, CJG Finance will negotiate on your behalf, with a goal of securing you a lower interest rate, suitable lending conditions and a favourable outcome. 

Expert Guidance: Navigating the complex landscape of property development requires expertise. Our team at CJG Finance brings extensive industry knowledge to ensure you find the right loan structure that aligns with your project needs.

Tailored Solutions: Every development project is unique. We specialize in creating customized financing solutions that resonate with your specific project requirements and financial circumstances.

Efficient Processes: We know time is money in the development world. CJG Finance prides itself on swift and seamless application processes, ensuring you get the funding you need without unnecessary delays.


5 star reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 by all our customers on Google and Facebook.

Direct access to 25+ lenders

A extensive lending panel gives us more options to find the right loan solution.

Higher chance of approval

We know the what lenders are looking for and can increase your chances of approval.

Experienced industry experts

Many years experience mean a deep knowledge of the finance industry & lending market.

Always in

your corner

We work for you not the bank so we're always in your corner negotiating the best terms.


great results

We always aim to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Property Development Case Study

Imagine we have some aspiring property developers, Damon and Elise. They have their eyes set on developing a piece of land and starting their journey. They have identified some possible land options, decided on their ideal block, and now need to purchase the land to progress forward. Herein lies an opportunity for securing finance, as land in the current economic climate is a precious and scarce commodity, especially on the Sunshine Coast. Damon and Elise may now consider securing an 'acquisition loan' to help them gain the deed to the land they need.


Damon and Elise will need to consider a few things to present to their potential lenders; lenders are interested in many of the details of the projects they finance. Take a read of our blog: Property Development Lending: How To Finance Property Development for more insight.


Damon and Elise have done their homework and prepared a well-formatted report, sought the advice of a consultant and are now ready to meet with a finance expert to arrange their construction loan. The type of loan they are after will be determined by the kind of property they are aiming to build. The size of the development is a critical factor in delineating between residential and commercial development loans. In this scenario, they've identified that they will need a loan to acquire the land and construct 10 residential townhouses.

  • What is property development finance?
    Property development finance involves obtaining a loan to cover the costs of acquiring and developing property for residential, commercial or specialised use. Finance can be provided by banks or by private lenders.
  • What types of projects can I finance?
    Lenders can finance the acquisition of land and various construction and building costs. Types of projects always vary but would generally be split into three types; Residential projects (single dwellings, land sub-divisions, unit & townhouse complexes); Commercial projects (industrial, retail & offices); Specialised assets (examples; pubs, clubs, service stations, medical & childcare centres).
  • Will I require pre-sales?
    Not always; some private lenders will not require pre-sales to secure a loan. Loan requirements are unique to each lender; CJG finance can help you find the right fit.
  • What loan terms are available?
    Loan terms are flexible but generally last between 1-2 years. It is in all parties best interest to achieve the fastest possible construction time.
  • What gearing options do I have?
    Gearing options are dependent on the lender(s) that are being considered; CJG finance will be able to connect you with a lender that is willing to work with your initial investment capital.
  • Why should I use CJG Finance for my property development finance?
    CJG Finance is a valuable help to any development project. We utilise our expertise, connections and understanding of the market to connect developers with interested lenders, acquire competitive interest rates and foster healthy business relationships.


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