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House with a pool purchased via a home loan broker from CJG Finance

Mortgage Broker
& Home Loan Experts

Find The Right Home Finance Solution For Your Needs And Improve Your Chances of Loan Approval

Work With Specialist Home Loan Experts You Can Trust

Whether you are a first home buyer, seasoned investor or wanting to review your existing home loan our expert home loan specialist broker will work with you to secure the best possible home finance solution. We’re experts in:

  • First Home Buyer Mortgages

  • Property Investing

  • Unlocking Equity

  • Industry specific borrowers (medico’s, professional services)

  • Home construction financing


One of the most common and popular finance methods, home loans are crucial for many in their quest to become Australian homeowners. 

An Expert Home Loan Specialist Can Help Make Your Home Ownership Dream Become A Reality

As with all areas of finance, CJG Finance helps aspiring home buyers achieve their goals by cutting through the noise, finding the best mortgage lenders, rates and loan terms and locking in an arrangement that allows them to invest in their future. The home loan specialist at CJG Finance can also help potential buyers by helping them to take advantage of grants and schemes. 

Covering all areas of South East Queensland from the Sunshine Coast including Noosa and Maroochydore, to Brisbane city and suburbs, Toowoomba and the Darling Downs, our specialist mortgage broker will help you find the most appropriate finance solution for your needs.


There are several scenarios that buyers may find themselves in, all of which our home finance broker can make a substantial difference in the ease of the experience and the quality of the outcome. Let's touch on a few areas of our expertise!

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Local Home Loan

For so many, owning a piece of Oz is the dream. Imagine being able to paint the walls any colour, hang things wherever you want, plant trees, celebrate occasions and make memories in a home that's yours! All personal reasonings aside, owning a home is also a great way to invest for the future, with real estate being a tried and true method of growing equity. Our specialist home loan experts can help you a range of different home loan scenarios.


Investment Property Finance

Acquiring an investment property is a popular goal and an excellent opportunity to reap the benefits of working with a finance expert. CJG Finance works with buyers with specific objectives to obtain property development finance. The buyer might be considering 'negative-gearing', where the costs of owning and maintaining the home exceed the income it produces; in a situation like this, losses become tax-deductible, and profits are deferred to a future sale. They may also consider leveraging equity from other assets they own to add to their property portfolio. In these and many other cases, CJG Finance excels in working with buyers to find lending terms that suit their ideal outcomes.

Refinancing A Home Loan

If the goal is to refinance a home loan or restructure an existing mortgage, explore more competitive rates or take advantage of cash rebates, CJG Finance makes the process simple and tailored. By engaging a CJG home loan broker, you gain access to a broader reservoir of lenders that may be able to offer you more favourable terms than what your current arrangement provides. Re-financing can be a gateway to a shorter mortgage as payments become smaller and interest rates lower. Each situation is unique; CJG Finance works with clients in diverse scenarios to ensure they obtain the best outcome.

First Time Buyers

Buying your first home can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. Many people are anxious about whether they can actually afford to take the leap and get on the housing ladder. But what most don't realise is that in some cases it can actually be cheaper to buy than rent a property. And there are grants and schemes available. Find out more about:


Let our expert mortgage broker help make your home ownership dreams a reality.

Self Employed Home Loan Applicants

CJG Finance has extensive experience with Self-Employed applicants. For buyers in this category, lenders will consider an applicant's finances and business performance over time. It is possible to secure a home loan as a self-employed person or business owner; however, lenders may require additional documentation to approve an application. 

Sometimes, they will ask for profit and loss statements and tax returns for up to two years, in addition to personal financial information. CJG Finance specialises in helping clients connect with suitable lenders for this situation and preparing a solid application.

Specialist Home Finance Borrowing

Professionals and specialists such as doctors, lawyers and accountants can sometimes benefit from unique loan agreements that decrease the deposit amount needed without triggering LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance). Applicants can receive loans for up to 90% of a purchase. CJG Finance helps clients determine their eligibility for these specialist borrowing arrangements. 


If your dream is to purchase a new home to live in or add to your property portfolio, Colin at CJG Finance is an expert in all lending methods and is well connected to a wide panel of lenders. Reach out today to explore the right loan to reach your goal.

Why Choose CJG Finance As Your Home Loan Specialist?

Professional and efficient

Our mortgage specialist always strives to deliver great customer service, responding quickly, professionally and efficiently and keeping you informed at all stages of the process, from the initial meeting to settlement and beyond.

More than a mortgage broker

We see ourselves as more than just your mortgage broker. We take a holistic approach, exploring multiple finance options on your behalf and becoming your expert industry partners.

Industry experts

With years of industry experience and a diverse lending background, we are industry experts working with a range of clients from individual through to large corporate customers.

In your corner

We work for you, not the bank which means we are always in your corner, finding the best rates and loan terms, negotiating great deals, saving you time and money and taking the hassle out of the application process.

Relationship driven

Our mortgage broker specialist is relationship driven with the aim of building a long term relationship and becoming one of your trusted advisors, there to support you to achieve your financial goals.

Deliver great results

We strive for the best possible outcomes, meeting required deadlines. Our aim is always to deliver great results for our clients and we're proud to have  5 star customer feedback!

Areas Our Mortgage Broker Is available

mortgage brokers sunshine coast.jpg
The Home Loan Brokers Who Know The Sunshine Coast Market The Best.
Mortgage Broker Brisbane.jpg
Home Loan Experts Proudly Servicing All Areas
Of Brisbane
Mortgage Broker Toowoomba.jpg
Home Loan Specialists Proudly Servicing Toowoomba and The Darling Downs
Mortgage broker in Noosa v2.jpg
Home Loan Experts Proudly Servicing
Noosa & The Sunshine Coast
Mortgage Broker Maroochydore.jpg
Home Loan Specialists Proudly Servicing
Maroochydore and The Sunshine Coast
  • What is property development finance?
    Property development finance involves obtaining a loan to cover the costs of acquiring and developing property for residential, commercial or specialised use. Finance can be provided by banks or by private lenders.
  • What types of projects can I finance?
    Lenders can finance the acquisition of land and various construction and building costs. Types of projects always vary but would generally be split into three types; Residential projects (single dwellings, land sub-divisions, unit & townhouse complexes); Commercial projects (industrial, retail & offices); Specialised assets (examples; pubs, clubs, service stations, medical & childcare centres).
  • Will I require pre-sales?
    Not always; some private lenders will not require pre-sales to secure a loan. Loan requirements are unique to each lender; CJG finance can help you find the right fit.
  • What loan terms are available?
    Loan terms are flexible but generally last between 1-2 years. It is in all parties best interest to achieve the fastest possible construction time.
  • What gearing options do I have?
    Gearing options are dependent on the lender(s) that are being considered; CJG finance will be able to connect you with a lender that is willing to work with your initial investment capital.
  • Why should I use CJG Finance for my property development finance?
    CJG Finance is a valuable help to any development project. We utilise our expertise, connections and understanding of the market to connect developers with interested lenders, acquire competitive interest rates and foster healthy business relationships.

Helping You Unlock The Potential For Your Business To Grow and Protecting Your Cash Flow.

Helping You Acquire and Expand with
Business Finance

Helping You Find The Right Funding For Your Property Development Project

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