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Asset Finance Broker

Asset Finance Solutions That Can Unlock The Door To The Vital Equipment, Tools and Vehicles Your Business Needs To Grow.

Let Our Business Loan Expert Compare The Asset Finance Options

Asset finance is an increasingly popular way for small businesses to achieve their goals in a more manageable way. The specialist asset finance broker at CJG can help you secure vital vehicle or equipment finance without risking your business cash flow. We have access to a wide range of asset finance solutions. Big or small, new or existing, we will source and secure the best possible option for your business. Some of the solutions our business finance broker can help with include financing for:

  • Vehicle finance (business or personal)

  • Heavy machinery and trucks

  • Specialised equipment

  • Insurance premium funding


Securing funds can unlock the door to vital equipment, tools and vehicles that allow room for your business to grow. Financing these assets allows your cash reserves to stay intact and your company to forge ahead with the confidence to operate smoothly and efficiently. In many cases, financiers provide these funds by using the asset as the collateral for the loan, relieving pressure on the business to provide security. When more significant sums are needed to purchase the asset, the company may also offer their existing assets as collateral for the loan. 

Talk to our expert asset finance broker today to explore the options to grow your business without damaging cash flow.

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Equipment Finance

Equipment finance can be a crucial financial tool for businesses in many industries, as it helps you acquire essential assets while preserving your working capital for other operational needs.

Our Equipment Finance Brokers can help you secure the tools, machinery and equipment your business needs to thrive and grow. It can be used to acquire a wide range of business equipment and machinery, including construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, medical devices, office technology, vehicles, computers, and more.

Machinery Finance

Like equipment finance, machinery finance can be a vital way to unlock high value items in various industries. Instead of making a large, upfront capital expenditure, businesses can secure financing to acquire the necessary machinery, and then repay the financing over time through regular installments, typically with interest.


If you're in the construction, agricultural or manufacturing industries machinery finance can be used to obtain equipment such as CNC machines, industrial robots, heavy equipment like excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and loaders or combine harvesters, irrigation systems, and plowing equipment.

Commercial Vehicle Finance

If your business is dependent on vehicles, ensuring you have access to the right commercial vehicle finance can make the difference between being able to keep your business running efficiently or not.

Types of Commercial Vehicles we can help secure finance for include:

  • Commercial Trucks: This includes various types of trucks used for transporting goods, such as cargo vans, box trucks, semi-trucks (tractor-trailers), and specialized delivery vehicles.

  • Buses: Financing is available for buses used in public transportation, charter services, schools, and other commercial applications.

  • Construction Vehicles: Businesses in the construction industry often finance heavy equipment like dump trucks, excavators, bulldozers, and concrete mixers.

  • Fleet Vehicles: Companies looking to maintain a fleet of vehicles for their operations, such as delivery companies or rental car agencies, can also benefit from commercial vehicle finance.

Types of Business Asset Finance

When starting up or expanding their operations, business owners are sometimes faced with opportunities to increase production, scale up their scope or service area, or begin to offer new services to meet rising interest in the work they do. They may need new machinery for a large project, an additional delivery vehicle, or more capable technologies. Business owners can consider a few different types of equipment loans and we cover them in detail in the blog about the 4 main equipment finance options including the pros and cons of the various asset finance options.


In a chattel mortgage scenario, the lender provides the complete funding for a business to acquire an asset. The lender then sets up a mortgage on the asset, using the asset itself as the collateral and the Personal Property Securities Register to formalise the agreement. Once the business loan has been repaid to the lender over the agreed time, the lender no longer charges interest, and the business walks away with clear ownership of the asset.

Chattel Mortgage

Hire Purchase

When a business acquires machinery or equipment through a hire purchase arrangement, they make regular payments to the asset provider over a fixed term and at the end of this period the business takes full ownership of the equipment.The provider is liable for all maintenance, repairs, and operating insurance during the lease. When the lease ends, the payments to the provider finish and the business takes ownership of the asset.

Asset Lease

An asset lease arrangement sees the lender purchase the equipment item that a business needs, allowing them to utilise the equipment for a monthly payment within the lease terms. When the lease ends, the business can pay an agreed amount to purchase the equipment from the lender, refinance to lease the equipment or opt to sell the equipment in favour of a newer model or solution.

Equipment Rental

In this arrangement, the financier acquires the asset, and the business owner can rent it from them for fixed payments over a defined term. At the end of the period, the business can return the asset, continue to rent it or buy it from the financier at its fair market value.


These are only a handful of the asset finance options available. CJG Finance specialises in helping business owners leverage asset finance options to achieve their goals. We have access to a wide selection of lenders, which allows us to optimise for competitive interest rates and fast approvals. If you need an asset finance specialist, reach out to us. We would be happy to chat about your business's opportunities and how we can help.

Why Choose CJG Finance As Your
Asset Finance Broker?

Professional and efficient

Our asset finance broker always strives to deliver great customer service, responding quickly, professionally and efficiently and keeping you informed at all stages of the process, from the initial meeting to settlement and beyond.

More than a business finance broker

We see ourselves as more than just your asset finance broker. We take a holistic approach, exploring multiple finance options on your behalf and becoming your expert industry partners.

Industry experts

With years of industry experience and a diverse lending background, we are industry experts working with a range of clients from individual through to large corporate customers.

In your corner

We work for you, not the bank which means we are always in your corner, finding the best rates and loan terms, negotiating great deals, saving you time and money and taking the hassle out of the application process.

Relationship driven

Our asset finance broker specialist is relationship driven with the aim of building a long term relationship and becoming one of your trusted advisors, there to support you to achieve your financial goals.

Deliver great results

We strive for the best possible outcomes, meeting required deadlines. Our aim is always to deliver great results for our clients and we're proud to have  5 star customer feedback!


Printing Business

Sandra's greeting card printing business has started to grow. She's just hired her second employee, registered for GST and is seeing an increase in sales. She recently received a call from a distributor in a different country that wanted to sell her cards. They want access to ten thousand cards per month. Great news! There's only one problem; Sandra's monthly printing capacity with her current equipment is three thousand cards. To keep up with the increased demand, she will need more powerful and fast printing machines and a new computer to operate them. The price tag for those upgrades is over fifty thousand dollars. 


In Sandra's case, equipment finance options may allow her business to seize the new opportunity without draining all the cash from her business accounts at once. 

  • What is property development finance?
    Property development finance involves obtaining a loan to cover the costs of acquiring and developing property for residential, commercial or specialised use. Finance can be provided by banks or by private lenders.
  • What types of projects can I finance?
    Lenders can finance the acquisition of land and various construction and building costs. Types of projects always vary but would generally be split into three types; Residential projects (single dwellings, land sub-divisions, unit & townhouse complexes); Commercial projects (industrial, retail & offices); Specialised assets (examples; pubs, clubs, service stations, medical & childcare centres).
  • Will I require pre-sales?
    Not always; some private lenders will not require pre-sales to secure a loan. Loan requirements are unique to each lender; CJG finance can help you find the right fit.
  • What loan terms are available?
    Loan terms are flexible but generally last between 1-2 years. It is in all parties best interest to achieve the fastest possible construction time.
  • What gearing options do I have?
    Gearing options are dependent on the lender(s) that are being considered; CJG finance will be able to connect you with a lender that is willing to work with your initial investment capital.
  • Why should I use CJG Finance for my property development finance?
    CJG Finance is a valuable help to any development project. We utilise our expertise, connections and understanding of the market to connect developers with interested lenders, acquire competitive interest rates and foster healthy business relationships.

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